Why You Should Make Your Bridal Bouquet A Priority

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It’s no surprise that weddings are expensive. Feeding your friends and family on top of decor, dresses, details, gifts and more is no joke! Once the initial excitement of wedding planning fades, budgets really start to tighten and reality hits. If this sounds familiar, I feel ya! I’ve been right there with you!!

Many brides have to pick and choose things to splurge on and places to save money. My biggest tip to brides during the planning process is to splurge on a bridal bouquet! The bridal bouquet is a huge focal point when it comes to photography and I highly recommend investing in your dream bridal bouquet! The bouquet is the center stage of your wedding day and will be used in so many of your professional photographs.



If you have a beautiful bouquet, we can make it look like your day was oh so grand! Your bouquet can be used to highlight your details such as your invitations. It can spruce up your reception photos and will be used in almost all of your bride and groom portraits! Because it is photographed so often, I recommend going big! If you’re looking to save money or if your dream bouquet is a little of your budget, spend less on the bridesmaids bouquets! They are not photographed nearly as much and we can keep the spotlight on your beautiful bridal bouquet!
Bridal bouquets add so much to your overall bridal look. They tie in the colors of the day from the bridesmaid dresses and venue decor to adding a romantic feel to the day! The choices for bouquets are endless and can really highlight your entire vision for your big day!

Another Money Saving Tip!



Your florist will love you for this and it will help you, too! This will cut down on cost because you won’t be requesting something hard to get or far away. In season blooms are always fresh and will be FULL and luscious and look OH SO pretty!

Bridal bouquets are such gorgeous accessories to the wedding day so make sure to keep it high on your priority list!

Jul 22, 2018

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