Our 2019 Disney World Vacation | Part 1

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Seth and I discussed for weeks where we wanted to go on our next adventure. We threw around a bunch of ideas, but nothing felt right. Both of us wanted something warm, relaxing, fun and easy. We didn’t want to be too tied to an itinerary or lots of flights, trains, buses and Ubers. Eventually we came around to the decision to go back to DISNEY world! I really never thought I would be one of those people who would go back, but we had the MOST fun the last time we were there and knew that the trip met all of the things on our list.

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Day 1

We started the day extremely EARLY on Sunday, 1/20. I love flying out and getting places early, but 2:00 am was quite the alarm clock. We were the only people on the freeway for a full hour and a half before we ran into another vehicle. Thankfully we got to the airport quickly and were able to grab some coffee and breakfast before hopping on our plane.

We arrived in Orlando around 9:00 am and grabbed some more coffee before heading to our resort on Disney’s Magical Express. This time we stayed at Port Orleans- French Quarter. I absolutely adored our resort. The theming was impeccable and it was so quaint and beautiful. I picked this resort because it is the smallest resort on Disney property and has its own bus system. We did not wait more than 5-10 minutes for a bus at any given time.

Our room wasn’t ready yet which we expected so we dropped off our luggage and headed over to Magic Kingdom. The sun was out, but the weather was still quite chilly! We ate lunch at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn which was yummy and then rode some rides, used some of our fast passes and watched the parade. Once the sun was setting, the weather got even colder and by our dinner reservation t 6:30 pm we were exhausted. We ate at Liberty Tree Tavern which is a family-style served restaurant that has a specific menu. It was basically Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, beef, pork loin and the best mac and cheese. This was one of our favorite meals of the trip! We could not stop eating and the warm comfort food was perfect for the frigid air. We originally planned to stay for the fireworks at 8:00 pm, but we were so, so tired that we got on the bus back to our resort and called it a night. #grandma

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Day 2

Day 2 was one of my favorite days of the trip! We spent the entire day in Epcot – definitely my favorite park! We got to the park at rope drop and got on Soarin’ (also my favorite ever ride!) with no wait and then went to the France pavilion for the best Ham and Cheese croissants! Seriously, they melt in your mouth. After that we went on Test Track and spent time in the aquarium and on a couple other rides. Seth also made me go on Mission Space again (the orange side). It’s probably my least favorite ride, yet Seth’s favorite and we rode it at least 3 or 4 times on this trip – ha.

This day was beautifully sunny so we spent the entire day around the world show case and drank around the world. We loved the margaritas in Mexico and trying different kinds of foods and beers from everywhere. We stopped in the UK for an awesome live band and met Mary Poppins! We also went in to meet Elsa and Ana and rode Frozen Ever After – such a beautiful ride.

For dinner we had reservations at Teppan Edo: a hibachi restaurant in Japan. The sushi and food was deeeeelicious! Definitely another one of our favorite meals. Disney does not skimp on anything. The décor, food, atmosphere, cleanliness, service and everything around you is flawless. No detail is forgotten and it makes everything that much more enjoyable. We stayed for the fireworks before crashing into bed.

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Day 3

We got to Hollywood Studios before rope drop and made our way to the new Toy Story Land. We were hoping to get on the new coaster Slinky, but even after being some of the first people in the park – the line was outrageous! I believe it was 90 minutes. We didn’t want to waste our day in line, so we hopped on our favorite ride – Toy Story Mania and got to go on that probably 4 times. Much better than standing in line! After that we rode most of the rest of the rides rather quickly, ate lunch, saw a few shows and devoured all of the mickey snacks. We headed back to our resort to rest and get ready for our photos with Jennifer Pierce!

After we were ready, we headed to Disney’s Beach Club Resort through Epcot. Beach Club is THE most stunning resort with the most beautiful pathways and outdoor areas. We met up with sweet Jennifer and spent some time with her on the beach and pier before grabbing some drinks and watching the sunset together. We then headed back into Epcot for another go on Soarin’ and our dinner reservations at Chef de France. We both definitely enjoyed Chef de France, but were so full from the day that we were 1) stuffed and 2) ready for bed. We barely took any breaks in Disney so by 8:00 pm we were completely wiped out. We called ourselves grandmas and immediately ran to bed.

Come back next week to see Part 2 of our trip!

Feb 28, 2019

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